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    Welcome toChangzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd!

    Service tel:0519-85116598

    • 強大的售后服務

      Our Quality Policy

      Scientific and standardized management Meticulous work Fast and efficient service Manufacturing high-quality goods

    Company profile

    Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Changzhou National High-Technology Industry Development Area, which was founded on 12th Dec, 2002.The company registered capital of 60 million yuan, and total assets of 610 million yuan. The company has more than 200 sets of computer numerical control equipment...

    The total areaProfessional CNC equipment

    Advanced production equipment

    Company has the size of CNC equipment more than 200 sets, is the present domestic specialized is engaged in high precision gears form a complete set of high-tech enterprises. In 2010, the company invested 300 million yuan, the research and development of large precision gear project will introduce the world's first 8 m German NILES and Gleason gear grinding machine - Pfauter 10 meters high speed gear hobbing machine, the company was established in baotou, Inner Mongolia tianshan heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

    • 專業的解決方案

      Our vision

      Strive to become in the industry benchmarking enterprises

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